Representative APR Example:
You Borrow —£700
Representative APR 1223.6% (Variable)
You Pay —£868

Welcome to Unemployed People Loans

Transitory phase of unemployment as it is causes lot of tension. Would the undue hassles for a loan be tolerable while you are hunting for a job?

We know, you answer is a big NO but, still you compromise with the situation and bear the strains of seeking a loan.

Now hear the NO from us for Unemployed People Loans. We are your friends from lending industry; a team ofprofessionalexperts arranging loans for a number of people everyday.

Our professional orientation is particularly focused on removing each obstacle of lending process and speed it up. The objective is to make borrowing a pleasure.

Take a look at where all our attention is concentrated.

Online process
Get ready for everything online. As known, everything online is instant while you are free to actanytime. You can apply at any time on any day, choices is yours.

The involvement is limited to filling out simple personal data and submission. It does not end here; more conveniences include no documentation, no faxing and all cash transactions online through bank.

Secured privacy
We ensure full protection of your privacy. Online data is handled with advanced technological support to deny access to any unauthorised individual. We share your data with trusted lenders on our network for negotiating the loan. Your personal data is not revealed to anybody else.

Collateral free
We understand the financial stress people undergo when unemployed. Unemployed People Loans are for all, not only those who are fortunate owners of property. You will find us dedicated to assist you even if you live in a rented house. We do not want you to provide security for a loan.

OverlookCredit checking
Yes, we overlook credit checks for convenience of people. Unemployment is a bane; credit checking just accentuates the problem. The logic is very simple to understand; most of the people carry a bad credit record, which has almost become an acceptable standard in today’s life.

So, you need not worry about your credit score for getting a loan.